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Just your average hard working citizen looking to spark interest in the stigmatization and politicization of hemp. Glad to be a part of this generation but would absolutely love to help support like minds on aiding a better public consensus on hemp. By no means a doctor nor do I have a political background but I’d like to see the world in a better place. Would love to help develop a safe environment for like minds to also exchange thoughts and information as well, excited to see what comes of this project and plan for so much more!


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History of Hemp in Early United States

 Why was hemp originally abolished in the United States of America?    It’s 1933 and The United States of America is in the heights of The Great Depression. Financial security in the economy and banks at an all time low, something certainly needed to be done. With lots of changes to grow to become a global leader in many ways as it is today, policymakers proceeded to support the growth of the cotton tobacco and lumber industry. Caught in the mix of cotton, Tobacco and lumber there was hemp. A more durable textile material unfortunately,  The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 forced other businesses to find different ways to keep themselves afloat during The Great Depression, unfortunately starting early as 1906 established communities, businesses and entities then proceeded to politicize their market competitors wrongfully to eliminate the competition without breaking the law. Many used their own agenda to promote propaganda against the competition, creating a mass hysteria amongst the gen